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Godspeed Project MAXX Sports Coilovers

Godspeed MAXX SportsCoilovers Adjustable Damper Suspension – From $945 Shipped

Are you searching for coilovers that will be primarily used on the race track? For instance Godspeed MAXX Sports coilovers are engineered for track use. Additionally 33 levels of adjustment control rebound damping force. As a result we have created this catalog to showcase our applications of MAXX Sports coilovers. Secondly pillow ball top mounts provide precise response and steering. Finally high rigidity steel coil springs to provides more control and quick steering to improve overall handling of the vehicle.  In conclusion Driven By Style has been an authorized Godspeed Project dealer for 10 years and we guarantee the lowest price and free shipping. In other words we have your coilovers needs covered!

Godspeed MAXX Sports Coilovers Specifications

  • Inverted Mono-tube Shocks(Where Applicable)
  • Adjustable Rebound Damping Settings – 33 Clicks
  • Top Camber Plate(Where Applicable) Allows Camber Angle Adjustment
  • Pillow Ball Top Mount Provides More Precise Feel From Suspension And Steering
  • Race Inspired High Rigidity SAE9252 Steel Coil Springs
  • Full Length Adjustable – Raise And Lower Ride Height Through Lower Mount
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