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Godspeed Performance is your number one source for Godspeed Project automotive performance suspension components. Available products include coilovers, control arms, tie rods, steering angle kits, sway bars and more. From ride height to alignment and chassis upgrades Godspeed Project has it all. Godspeed Project has become one of the most popular brands of coilovers for sport compact applications because of their low cost and exceptional value. We offer hundreds of applications for Godspeed coilovers with part numbers available for most popular makes and models.

Godspeed Performance is a division of Driven By Style LLC.  Since 2009 our experienced staff has been representing the Godspeed brand. We can assist you with any questions about Godspeed products you may have. Give us a call at 916-476-3925 or use our live chat experience.

About Godspeed Project

Since their inception Godspeed Project has striven to deliver quality automotive performance products. These products had to be affordable to the budget racer. It was important to keep the price point where the products are affordable to the younger generation getting into the joys of motorsport. Owners interested in tracking their cars but not sacrifice for a low quality product.

Since 2015 Godspeed Project has turned their entire focus to suspension components only. Thus resulting in raising the bar in terms of quality and engineering of their new products. The demand and reception by our customers has been excellent since the release of the new Godspeed Project coilovers and we are adding new items to our catalog on a daily basis.

Godspeed Project has been around developing parts for over 10 years now and continue making improvements. Always listening to the customers and upping their investment in research and development.

Our Mission: Godspeed Project Performance Automotive Suspension Components for street or track at a price you can afford!

Godspeed Project specializes in automotive suspension upgrades for motorsport and aggressive performance driving enthusiasts.

Suspension tuning is one of the most critical parts when it comes to the ultimate performance package. It is even possible to have a more competitive car then a rival with superior upgrades. Simply by having a well balanced set up with components the results mesh well together brilliantly.

How do you achieve that perfect vehicle ride height yet have the comfort and performance that you are looking for? It all comes down to extracting the best specifications for the components you have installed. In order to achieve that balance it's all about proper alignment for your preferred ride height and we have the components to make that a reality.

From adjustable damper coilovers to alignment related products such as control arms, toe arms, traction rods, camber kits and more we have the products to get your suspension dialed in and ready for battle.

In addition to alignment related products we also have you drifters covered with steering angle kits and adjustable tie rods to lock those front wheels and get you sliding sideways.

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