Camber Kits

Godspeed Project Camber Kits

Why is it necessary to get a 4 wheel alignment after you lower your vehicle? Well you would get one because you would want to get your factory alignment measurements back in specifications. Depending on how much positive or negative camber is in the suspension, it will affect tire wear, because more weight will be on the one side of the tread compared to the other side. Tires tend to wear out extremely quickly when alignment is too far out from spec.

A camber kit allows you to adjust the amount of positive or negative camber in the suspension after your car is lowered to be set at or near the factory setting. On race cars however, they want a little more negative camber than a factory setting because it actually aids in performance handling and they are willing to sacrifice wear for faster lap times. Shop our selection of Godspeed Project Camber Kits and let us know if you have any questions we can assist with.