Tag: Godspeed Project MAX 2-Way Coilovers

Godspeed Project MAX 2-Way Coilovers

Godspeed Project MAX 2-Way Coilovers

Godspeed MAX 2-Way Coilovers Adjustable Damper Suspension – From $1488 Shipped

Are you in the market for a set of coilovers that work well on the track bu are civil enough to use on the street? For instance our Godspeed MAX 2-Way Coilovers allow dampening adjustment on both compression and rebound. As a result we have created this catalog to showcase our collection of MAX 2-Way coilover adjustable damper suspension applications. Secondly these coilovers feature 40 levels of rebound and 24 levels of compression adjustment. Additionally they also feature built in camber plates for applicable models. For this reason, Godspeed Mono MAX 2-Way is the perfect system for the driver who wants to dial in their suspension by varying the compression and rebound settings to fit a specific driving style and performance demand. In conclusion Driven By Style has been an authorized Godspeed Project dealer for 10 years and we guarantee the lowest price and free shipping.

Godspeed MAX 2-Way Coilovers Specifications

  • Fully Adjustable – Independant Height, Spring Tension, Compress Dampening And Rebound Dampening
  • Professional Grade Shock – 52mm Dia. Mon-tube Seamless Shock With 44mm Internal Piston
  • Italian IP F.A. Made 20W Shock Oil Features High Viscosity Index
  • Corrosion Finish – Anodized Aluminum And Powder Coated Carbon Steel Parts
  • High Quality – 1 Year Limited Warranty From Date of Purchase
  • Made in Taiwan, Designed And Assembled in The USA
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