Godspeed Project Mono RS Coilovers

Godspeed Mono RS Coilovers

Introducing the Godspeed Project Mono-RS coil over line. Mono-RS Coilovers are aimed at customers in the market for a high performance coilover suspension that is also suitable for daily driving.

Mono RS coilovers perform exceptionally well in track use. Mono RS Coilovers also provide the comfort that a coilover should when driving on the street. 32 levels of dampening adjust-ability allow you to fine tune the suspension to your liking.  Built to perform on the race track and on the street.

Godspeed Mono-RS coilovers feature a Mono-Tube shock that houses gas and oil in separate chambers. This results in a coilover suspension that provides consistent shock performance regardless of the abuse it is given. Finally the top hats of the Mono-RS series feature a KOYO Japan built 6204Z bearing. These bearings provide the longevity and performance of a higher end coilover system at a more affordable low price.