Godspeed Project Subframe Brace

Sub Frame Brace

Godspeed Project Sub Frame Braces

The Godspeed sub frame brace is similar to a strut tower brace/bar. It connects the bottom side of your front or rear suspension together and creates a stronger structure, reducing body/chassis flex in turns.

Godspeeds sub frame braces reinforces the rear cross member of the chassis providing improved handling and steering response. Also consider a strut tower bar to go along with it for better handling to tie the strut towers together up top. This brace is a must have when upgrading to a bigger diameter anti-sway bar to prevent rear lower sub frame tear out.

Godspeed Project Trailing Arms

Trailing Arms

Godspeed Project Trailing Arms

Are you in need of adjustable trailing arms for your lowered vehicle? Check out our Godspeed Trailing Arms we offer. A trailing arm has a really big job to do. First, its got to provide an unyielding link between the chassis and the rear axle. Secondly because the shocks are mounted to it, it must support the weight of the vehicle as well as the tension and compression forces created between the rear wheels and the chassis. Finally, trailing arms need to be strong enough to take abuse from impact and vibration. With Godspeed Trailing Arms equipped on your vehicle you will feel a much improved contact with the road under spirited driving. In conclusion these trailing arms will provide the necessary adjustment to get your alignment back in spec.

Godspeed Project Lateral Links

Lateral Links

Godspeed Project Lateral Links

Looking for lateral links for your Subaru WRX/STI or Impreza? You have come to the right place. We offer Godspeed Lateral Links for Subaru models. Godspeed lateral links will allow you to use much more aggressive alignment settings than stock suspension. This will enhance the handling and  cornering of the vehicle. Godspeed Lateral Links are constructed for comfortable ride yet maintain good performance compare to stock rubber mount will which wear out in couple years. Our lateral links will last you at least 10+ years. Additionally this will easily out perform the stock lateral link. The staff is standing by to assist you if you have any questions.

What does a lateral link do?

It’s purpose is to control unwanted force under acceleration and braking. Godspeed’s pillow ball lateral links are designed to secure traction in drifting and provide stability during acceleration under high speed cornering. Furthermore adjustment is provided for toe-in and toe-out settings. Dial in the alignment on your Subaru today!

Godspeed Project Control Arms

Control Arms

Godspeed Project Control Arms

Looking for adjustable control arms for your lowered vehicle? We carry Godspeed Control Arms that will dial in your camber and toe settings for a proper alignment. For instance a control arm is a suspension component that has a pivot at both ends. OEM control arms have no extra adjustment built in that will allow you to correct alignment when the vehicle has been lowered. The Godspeed Control Arms we offer are built to have significant adjustment built in.

What does an adjustable control arm do?

Adjustable control arms replace the OEM control arm. With a threaded design the shop can make adjustments by turning the adjuster in either direction to bring the wheel camber back into spec. For example this will either add more camber or take camber away. Shop our selection of control arms to see what we offer for your vehicle. Finally our staff is standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Godspeed Project Camber Kits

Camber Kits

Godspeed Project Camber Kits

Do you need a camber kit to get your alignment back into spec? You came to the right place. For example we carry a full selection of Godspeed Camber Kit applications for many makes and models. Why is it necessary to get a 4 wheel alignment after you lower your vehicle? When you lower the car the geometry of the suspension changes. Our camber kits allow adjustment back to stock alignment specifications.

Depending on how much positive or negative camber is in the suspension, it will affect tire wear, because more weight will be on the one side of the tread compared to the other side. For instance tires tend to wear out extremely quickly when alignment is too far out from spec. Nobody wants to throw away their hard earned cash on prematurely worn tires.

A camber kit allows you to adjust the amount of positive or negative camber in the suspension after your car is lowered to be set at or near the factory setting. On race cars however, they want a little more negative camber than a factory setting because it actually aids in performance handling and they are willing to sacrifice wear for faster lap times. Shop our selection of Godspeed Project Camber Kits and let us know if you have any questions we can assist with. Driven By Style carries a full selection of suspension upgrades that will make your vehicle perform to it’s best.