Godspeed Coilovers

Godspeed Project Coilovers

Godspeed Project Coilovers

Looking for adjustable ride height suspension? Check out Godspeed Coilovers for high quality full replacement dampers. For instance some benefits that you get from Godspeed Project Coilovers are adjustable ride height and adjustable damper settings. As a result we carry the complete line of coilovers and have been an authorized retailer for 10 years. In other words we are your number one source for Godspeed Project products at the lowest price everyday. In conclusion we also offer free shipping on all Coilovers shipped within the continental USA.

Why do I need Godspeed Coilovers?

There are many reasons to lower a vehicle. A lower center of gravity will handle better thanks to reduced roll and even tire loading. Another benefit of a coilover system is adjustable dampening of the ride quality itself. A stiff damper setting is ideal for performance driving. You can adjust the knob to a softer damper setting to achieve more comfortable ride for daily driving.

Coilovers give you this comfort adjustment that you would not have with lowering springs. Additionally our coilovers tend to have a much stiffer spring rate over the factory springs. For instance stiffer springs reduce body roll, nose dive, and lift. The result is a more ideal suspension geometry for the tires to maintain the ideal contact with the ground.

About Godspeed Coilovers

Godspeed Project offers several different series’ of adjustable coilover damper kits to cover basic to advanced features. In conclusion no matter what your budget or specific needs we offer coilovers that will suit your application.

Mono SS Coilovers

Godspeed Mono SS Coilovers

Mono RS Coilovers

Godspeed Mono RS Coilovers

Monomax Coilovers

Godspeed Mono Max Coilovers

MAXX 3-Way Coilovers

Godspeed Maxx 3 Way Coilovers

Tie Bars

Godspeed Tie Bars

Godspeed Project Tie Bars

Are you looking for an adjustable rear tie bar for your Nissan 240SX S13/S14? Checkout these Godspeed Tie Bars we carry for the S-Chassis vehicles. Tie bars come in upper and lower parts for most cars that have a unibody and independent suspension. They are aftermarket parts on most vehicles with exception of vehicles like the Honda Integra and the Civic Type-R models, as they come standard element applications. Additionally each model vehicle has different mounting instructions, but in most of the cases the tie bars attach to the same main suspension or frame components for the purposes of reducing flex and stretch of the chassis body. Furthermore the main job for the 240SX tie bars is to eliminate unnecessary flex from the rear suspension.  Finally the tension on these tie bars can be adjusted.  Increase rigidity and stability in the rear lower suspension during high speed sharp cornering.

Sway Bars

Godspeed Project Sway Bars

Godspeed Project Sway Bars

Are you looking for a performance sway bar? Check out our selection of Godspeed Sway Bar upgrades. A sway bar also often referred to as an anti-sway bar is a component of some vehicles suspensions. The sway in suspension in a car or truck isn’t a good thing, so the anti-sway bar would be useful, and in the broadest terms that is correct. For instance Godspeed Project sway bars or actually anti-sway bar attempts to keep the car from swaying or more precisely, from leaning side to side. That is basically what the sway bar does: prevent body lean.

A sway bar does not do anything at all unless the vehicle is going to lean to one side. When it does start to lean the sway bar applies force to the suspension on each side. When going upward on one side and going downward on the other, that tends to resist the leaning. For example in performance driving when you vehicle is being pushed to the limit the thicker stronger Godspeed Project sway bars that we offer will give you more control under hard cornering.

Sway Bar Links

Godspeed Project Sway Bar Links

Godspeed Project Sway Bar Links

Are you in need of adjustable sway bar links for your lowered vehicle? Godspeed Sway Bar Links allow the necessary adjustment you need. Factory sway bar links are designed for factory ride height. When you lowered your car, it becomes useless due to the length restriction. For instance Godspeed offers these adjustable links to combat those problems when you decided to lower/rise your car and want to keep your sway bar. Made from harden steel alloy to assure durability. Finally our sway bar links provides easy direct replacement installation. In conclusion these sway bar links are an inexpensive solution to a major problem. In other words you can get your sway bar correctly adjusted!

About our sway bar links

  • Heat Treated Harden Steel Alloy Construction; Heavy Duty Ball Joints
  • Adjustable Length Where Factory Links Do Not Support
  • Perfect For Lowered Cars Wanting To Keep Sway Bars
  • Easy Factory Direct Replacement

Sub Frame Brace

Godspeed Project Subframe Brace

Godspeed Project Sub Frame Braces

The Godspeed sub frame brace is similar to a strut tower brace/bar. It connects the bottom side of your front or rear suspension together and creates a stronger structure, reducing body/chassis flex in turns.

Godspeeds sub frame braces reinforces the rear cross member of the chassis providing improved handling and steering response. Also consider a strut tower bar to go along with it for better handling to tie the strut towers together up top. This brace is a must have when upgrading to a bigger diameter anti-sway bar to prevent rear lower sub frame tear out.

Trailing Arms

Godspeed Project Trailing Arms

Godspeed Project Trailing Arms

Are you in need of adjustable trailing arms for your lowered vehicle? Check out our Godspeed Trailing Arms we offer. A trailing arm has a really big job to do. First, its got to provide an unyielding link between the chassis and the rear axle. Secondly because the shocks are mounted to it, it must support the weight of the vehicle as well as the tension and compression forces created between the rear wheels and the chassis. Finally, trailing arms need to be strong enough to take abuse from impact and vibration. With Godspeed Trailing Arms equipped on your vehicle you will feel a much improved contact with the road under spirited driving. In conclusion these trailing arms will provide the necessary adjustment to get your alignment back in spec.

Traction Rods

Godspeed Project Traction Rods

Godspeed Project Traction Rods

Are you looking to improve traction and eliminate uneven tire wear? Check out these Godspeed Traction Rods we offer from Godspeed Project. Those who seek the most from their car know that in a competition you need to get every ounce of performance from your vehicle. For example you need the ability to get every degree of adjustment possible. Furthermore you need the strength to withstand the stresses and strains of hard cornering.  For instance a rough course and vicious weight transfer as well as chassis flex puts a lot of abuse on your stock traction rods. Godspeed Project Traction Rods are a must have for any vehicle looking to maximize its performance handling. All of our traction rods come with a 3 year warranty.

Toe Arms

Godspeed Project Toe Arms

Godspeed Project Toe Arms

Godspeeds toe arms allow for a more precise adjustment of toe on the rear suspension over the OEM units. When installing coilovers and lowering the car, the OEM rear toe adjustment is not enough to put it back to reasonable spec. Where the Godspeed product comes in, is that it allows for a wider range of adjustment.

Giving you better feedback, and less of a bend allowing for more precise Feedback. Additionally they also feature a motor sports outer ball joint, which helps to manage with stress that is exerted on these components when exposed to hard use. Nothing will wear tires faster than an improperly aligned vehicle with toe settings out of spec.

Tension Rods

Godspeed Project Tension Rods

Godspeed Project Tension Rods

Are you in search for high angle tension rods for your drift car? Godspeed Tension Rods allow for higher steering angle. Additionally they are designed as a direct replacement for oem tension rods. Some cars and trucks use tension rods as an alternative instead of coil or leaf springs to hold the front end upwards. One of the end connects to the lower control arm, and the other on the back of the frame. The metal rod is put under pressure by twisting it during installation. The more twist and tension there is, the stiffer your car will ride.

There is one on each side. Godspeed tension rods are what retain your wheels from moving forward (caster) when braking. The tension rods from the dealership have a rubber bushing with oil inside it, while aftermarket tension rods are solid with no bushing and are adjustable.

Suspension Links

Godspeed Project Suspension Links

Godspeed Project Suspension Links

Looking for a rear link set upgrade for your Toyota Corolla AE86? Look at this AE86 Adjustable Links set that we offer from Godpseed. Godspeed Project’s rear lower link set is made to improve the handling of your AE86. For instance this link set will replace the OEM links and the soft rubber bushing. All the parts are made from high-strength steel alloy.

Godspeed’s AE86 Adjustable Links use pillow ball constructed for comfortable ride yet you get to retain performance compare to stock rubber mount will which wear out in couple years. In comparison Godspeeds pillow ball links will last you at the very least 10+ years. Finally this will easily outperform the stock link set. Adjustable lengths will allow more fine and accurate tuning for proper suspension geometry.